About us

SpeedFreaksRC.com was started to meet the at the track spur of the moment part needs of local RC racers. Yes, I am a racer! Too many times, your fun race day at the track gets blown due to broken parts, wrong or worn tires or one of the many little things that can and often do ruin the day. Well our goal is to be there for your track side support and to help eliminate those ruined race days.

SpeedFreaksRC operates on two formats that are designed with the RC racer in mind. For our local area racers we travel to the local club races where we operate the track side store. For all racers, local and far all our track side merchandise is available via the web. As a convenience, we offer track side pick-up in addition to traditional shipping methods for those who want to order their items and have them waiting for them when they arrive at the track. 

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Spokane NCT 2018